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Web Designer & Front-End Developer

I’m not the best coder, even the best designer… but every day I do my best effort to increase quality, functionality and beauty of what I love to do.

And I love to do Websites.

I code HTML5, CSS3/LESS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP and Python.

Design with Photoshop, Illustrator andPixelmator.

And I also know how to make Responsive Websites, Tumblr and WordPress Development.


Why You Should Invest In The Services For Web Design Melbourne Companies Provide

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Why You Should Invest In The Services For Web Design Melbourne Companies Provide

If you are planning to start your own business, you should secure the services for web design Melbourne companies are offering. Although there are a number of helpful resources that people can use to build sites of their own, a clean, attractive and fully-functional site is best obtained through seasoned professionals. Not only will professional website design services ensure that your visitors have an optimal user experience, but they will also make both the branding and the search engine optimisation process much easier.

The Options In Web Design Melbourne Companies Provide

Basic templates for designing a website on your own will only give you a simple, generic layout. In fact, so many people are using these templates to create websites cheaply, that the sites for many companies are nearly identical. Moreover, these templates are based upon very basic coding principles and thus, they are rarely capable of producing pages that are both visible and viable on a broad range of viewing devices. If you want people to have access to your site when searching the Internet with mobile phones and tablets, investing in professional design services is essential.

When using the services for GMG Web : web design Melbourne firms are offering, you can look forward to a seamless site layout that is easy to navigate, pleasant to look at and absolutely unique. This means that you can get a site that will help you build and promote a recognizable brand, rather than one that is difficult to differentiate from the sites of your competitors. This will increase your ability to build a large and loyal customer base.

Search Engine Optimisation

Another major benefit of using the services for web design Melbourne companies are offering is the ability to simplify the search engine optimisation process from GMG SEO. Overall website fitness plays an important role in determining how well sites will rank. More importantly, professional site designers know how to code pages properly from the ground up. Thus, site owners won’t have to spend lots of money and time correcting coding issues that prevent them from getting first page placement in search engine results.

A large part of the optimisation process is ensuring visibility. Search engines want web users to have access to sites irrespective of the devices that they are using. By investing in professional services for web design Melbourne companies can ensure that people will be able to access and use their pages whether they are using laptops, standard PCs, mobile phones, tablets or other forms of hand-held technology.